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IPad and iPhone done properly well

I had a problem with the iPad Home button, which I sent and received within 48 hours. Unfortunately, I sent it with the original box, but I did not get it back. I called UBreakiFix and one of their customer rep said they would help me look for the box and they actually apologized. I left the box, but I had to replace the battery and the screen for my stunning iPhone last month.

I got it back very fast in just 48 hours, but it was packaged in my lovely iPad box and again another apology was given to me which indeed indicated that they had truly managed to pinpoint it. They are friendly, reliable service, reasonable prices, and very fast!

I have to say that I enjoyed excellent service for a reasonable price from uBreakiFix. I was able to explain in detail what I needed in terms of data recovery and screen problems again with a useful type on the phone. (Eric) The engineers did the job quickly and even got a data device for me. If you trust a valuable phone and valuable photos, then you can trust this company.

The friendly approach and fast service of this mobile phone workshop would make me recommend it to anyone out there. The work was done professionally and the iPhone was checked before it was returned to me. I would like to come back, thank you.


Mobile CellPad

The Service is pretty fast

I was a bit nervous, but after everything is done, I can say that I am very happy that I have decided to come here. The Mobile CellPad was very useful and had excellent customer service. they can generally do their service on the same day and do it within hours if they are not too busy! A big advantage, as I am connected to my phone and have the screen pretty broken, but my phone is good as new and it did not cost as much as I thought!

Service: pretty fast. It usually takes very little time, 30 or so minutes for iPhone 8 cracked glass replacement I brought some other phones myself after my first repair, the hours lasted, maybe the problems of the screen are less difficult, but the first phone had several problems, therefore it took a while. However, they give a one year warranty to every client, so it does not cost more than my time to go there. Everyone is friendly!

In fact, I know where I’m going when the accident happened. Very fast and good service with one year warranty and very reasonable prices! In general, good service, excellent and good prices, as well as a quick job, I will definitely come back, I recommend this shop!


Tech Heroes

Excellent place

They called me a certain amount somewhere, and when I arrived at the Tech Heroes kiosk, the treatment was different. Tech Heroes paid close attention to what the other company emailed me, and that was very positive for me. They told they are going to fix the issue and that I only need to pay a little charge, almost half of what some other services charged previously.

Johnny was the one who helped me change the screen and it was perfect. It comes with a 1-year warranty too. One of the best kiosk experiences I’ve ever had. You’re just going to fix something, what’s the problem? Well, it could be a pleasant experience if you want to pay less for it, right? Just come here, you will not regret it!

Tech Heroes is the best place to fix your phone! Johnny is very friendly and will fix your phone efficiently. The kiosk is easy to find with many good places to eat and drink. You can eat while you wait for your phone to be repaired. I’ll definitely tell everyone I know that they have to come and fix their phones here at Tech Heroes! You are going to see what I’m saying when you come here to fix your phone, +++++ 5 star for you guys, thanks.


Midwest Phone Lab

They are efficient and fast

This is by far the cheapest place I can find to fix my iPhone 6 screen. I also had to fix my LED because it showed white bars on my screen. I had appointments from other places and they were always over $ 100. I could not find a cheaper place until I was here. I had postponed my phone repair for a whole year and had to use straps to hold the screen on my phone.

To fix my screen and everything, they said it would cost only $ 80! How cheap! Together with the free tempered glass screen, my phone never looked so good! Everything is lighter; I do not have to look through the cracks to see what’s on my phone! Everything looks good! Not only did they fix my phone in less than 40 minutes!

Our family has also repaired 3 iPhones and an iPad with this very company. They are efficient, fast and have excellent customer service. Every repair was perfect, unlike many other kiosks that carry out mobile repairs. Shadi helped us 3 to 4 times and it was great to work with him. I recommend this mobile repair to anyone who wants a perfect and fast repair!


Clean Planet Cell Phone Repair

Nice and always respectful

My cell phone did not load, I took it somewhere; Of course, you can do nothing but buy a new phone for $ 700 or more! Then I went to a very nearby mall and they tried to charge me $ 120 to actually check the problem and at least 150 to solve the problem, and it would take at least a week to get an answer from them because they do not have the parts on ground for my phone, so I came to this place.


Literally in 5 minutes (Eric) discovered the problem. I wet my phone and the area where the charger burned had a fuse or perhaps so burned, so my phone could not be charged. In less than 30 minutes, the parts were changed and my phone worked! He charged me half of what I could have spent in the mall!


I recommend the Clean Planet Cell Phone Repair, I hardly put up a review for a service I paid for, but Eric is so cute, nice and always respectful. I sent some friends here and everyone said the same thing. This place is very nice, it was cheap and fast, and I have not heard any complaints about Eric! I went back to him three more times to fix a broken screen, he did it in 30 minutes and then I went back because I could not hear anything anymore on my other phone, and he cleaned the phone in 5 minutes and it was perfect!

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